The Rock Art of the Texas Indians

Paintings by Forrest Kirkland, Text by W.W. Newcomb.


This is the classic book. Out of print for many years a vintage copy could cost hundreds of dollars. This is a new edition by UT Press. Hundreds of color and black and white paintings of rock art from all over Texas.

Kirkland began recording pictographs and petroglyphs in the 1930s. His paintings in this book are meticulous records of Indian rock art all over Texas. Many of the rock art sites he recorded are now gone. A beautiful book. I wish they would make many of the paintings into posters. They are that nice.

The text is by famous Texas Indian expert W. W. Newcomb. A must have if you are interested in Indian Rock Art.

229 pages. 34 color, 171 b&w illustrations, Paperback

Large format 12" x 9" pages

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