TexasIndians.com, The CD

I was in the computer lab at a school with a class of kids recently. About 4 of the kids could not get on the web because their parents had forbidden going on the web. I offered to put the site on a CD so those kids could participate and research just like the other kids. Here it is.

Younger kids can surf the CD with a browser just like on the web, without the risk of surfing into a bad site. Or, you can work offline and not tie up a phone line. 

The CD does not contain the whole TexasIndians.com site. It does have the most popular and important pages.  Many of the links have been left in for reference.  The bookstore has been left in to show a list of reference works.

Tell your teacher and librarian about the CD!!!

As of right now it has the following pages; we will add to it as we add to the site.


TexasIndians.com the CD, $16.00 including shipping.

School orders must accompanied by a letter on school letterhead and be paid for with a school check. We accept purchase orders.

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