Some Examples of Stone Points.

Point come in almost all shapes and sizes.  Not all of them are made from stone like these.  Sometimes bone was used.  Along the coast shark's teeth and the scales from alligator gar fish were sometimes used as points.

A Marcos point.  This larger point was probably an atlatl dart point.
Three more Marcos points.




A Scallorn point.  Another larger sized point. 




Perdiz arrow points.  You can see their size.

These two points are the same type.  You can tell by looking at the base.  The point on the left looks different because it was retouched (chipped) to sharpen it after it was broken.  The white lines show where the missing part would have been.  Retouching a point while it was attached to a shaft was a quick way to make a arrow or dart useful again and avoided having to make a whole new dart.  Sometimes resharpened points were used as drills.