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These rules are for kids using the internet. Not just here, but everywhere on the net-- ALWAYS. Kids, use these rules whenever someone asks you to send them stuff or sends you stuff over the net.

The big time, always, every time, rules.

1. Kids, first, and ALWAYS, get permission from your teacher or a parent before you send E-Mail to anyone, even us.

2. Kids do not send anyone your full name or use your full name on an E-Mail to ANYONE you do not know well. Use first names or nick names only!!!! Nick names are way kewl and everyone uses them on the net. Mine is Texarch.

3. Never, never, never send your home address to someone you do not know FACE to FACE, like at school or around your home. That includes us. Use your school address or ASK your parents for permission first, ALWAYS. You got E-Mail so use it to send stuff.

4. Never, never, never send anyone your home phone number. NEVER!! You have E-Mail so they do not need your phone number. Don't send us your home phone number. A school phone number is OK.

5. If someone asks for your phone number or home address over the net go tell your teacher or your parents right away.

Texas Indian E-Mail guidelines.

We want to hear from you. What are you doing? What do you want from us?

1. If you do not write so well that is OK. We still want to hear you. I will (might) clean it up a little if we have to. We gots a spelin cheker and if what yous gots to say is good nuf we will kleen it up OK? ;-P

2. If you have pictures and want to send them as electronic files with E-Mail KEEP THEM SMALL. Also, do not send more than 2 or 3. If they are big or there are more of them send them by snail mail. the snail address is 490 Rusk, New Braunfels, TX. 78130. We can scan them. Be sure to write who and what they are on the back of each picture. Put your E-mail address on each picture so we know what they go with. USE your SCHOOL address for the return address. We will not be able to return stuff so send copies or stuff you will not need later.

 3. Stick to Texas Indians and related subjects.

THE MAIL BOX: click here to send us an E-Mail. at bigchief@texasindians.com

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