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No big changes. Teachers like that. They don't have to relearn information.

The two big changes are the Atakapans and the Karankawa. They are still alive and living in Texas. Read more about it.

SO LETS GO FOR FALL IN 2013!!! Also, thanks for all the people who helped out. It meant a lot. Thank you!

Sorry if the site isn't fancy. I am having to rewrite and re learn on htm code. I had a stroke. Maybe next year.


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NEW, Cherokee names / language in Cherokee, Comanche, Caddo, Couhuitacan- the Comecrudo / Carrizo band, Karankana, Tigua and Alabama - Coushatta. More coming!


Look at the flint tools!! We have more. Look in "Indian Tools"

Indian Tools

Making cord from the Lechuguilla Plant

Teacher's Tips page with Curriculum guide and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

Making red dye with Cochineal Bugs

Want food? Indian Recipes

We got MAPS of Tribal regions !!!!

We built a wickiup!! Check it out

<Kiowa baby in a cradle board!!

 The Myths page. Stories on Indians.

Like: "When Bear Lost Fire"

And "Deer Medicine" and more.

Look in the Index Page

Comanche camp in 1834 by George Catlin

Check out the Comanche page!

This site is here to provide people with a good source of information on Texas Indians. The site is no where near complete yet. It may never get finished. In fact, I hope it is never finished. We are having to much fun building it!!! Check it out as we add and make changes. What would you like to see here?

Teachers and other adult visitors might want to go here first to the purpose and methods intro.



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A Good Place to Start

When is a tribe not really a tribe?? Not all the Texas Indians lived in tribes. What is material culture and non material culture? What is culture? Know what a hunter-gatherer is? If you cannot answer these questions you better READ THIS FIRST. and learn some basics before you read about the Indian cultures.  Trust me and read it first.  You really need some of the very basic tools of anthropology to properly understand Indian cultures -- so here they are.

The study of cultures, like Texas Indians cultures, is called anthropology. People who do not know any anthropology should READ THIS FIRST  and learn the basic information they need. Adults might want to try the introduction for adults and teachers first.

Anthropology rules !!!!!!!!!


Texas Indian Tribes, Bands, Cultures, etc...

  • Apache an important late comer to Texas
  • Akokisas a part of the Atakapans
  • Atakapan coastal Indians of east Texas. UPDATE 2013 They are still living in Texas.
  • Alabama Coushatta Late comers from the east, still here in east Texas UPDATE 2012
  • BidiasSee the Atakapan page
  • Black (African) SeminolesExcaped slaves, adopted and married into the Seminoles
  • Caddo East Texas farmers UPDATE 2012
  • Coahuiltecans South Texas hunter gathers
  • Comecrudo/Carrizo band of the Coahuiltecans NEW in 2012
  • Comanche Raiders of the south plains UPDATE 2012
  • Concho West Texas friends of the Jumano
  • Cherokee Important late comers. Sam Houston's tribe. UPDATE 2012
  • Deadose a part of the Atakapans
  • Han a part of the Atakapan groups
  • Huacos same as the Waco, see Waco below
  • Jumano Wide ranging Puebloan traders from west Texas
  • Karankawa The coastal people UPDATE 2012
  • Kickapoo From way up north, passed through, have one of two reservations in Texas
  • Kiowa North Texas plains Indians.
  • Patarabuay, another name for the Jumanos
  • Push Me :-) Dare ya.
  • Pueblo, see the Tigua for Texas Puebloan Indians
  • Mexican - Hispanic See the NEW the Comecrudo/Carrizo band of the Coahuiltecans
  • Tigua The Pueblos of Texas UPDATE 2012
  • Tonkawa central Texas hunter gathers. Hosts of the crossroads of Indian Texas.
  • Waco a band of the Wichita
  • Wichita farmers and hunters of central Texas


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