The Waco Indians

or Hueco Indians

by R Edward Moore

The Waco Indians were a band of the Wichita culture. Hueco is another spelling of Waco. Most of them lived in a large village on the Brazos river where present day Waco is. Jean Berlandier says they had about 60 permanent houses at this time (about 1830). He reports they would live in the houses during the spring and summer and tend crops in nearby fields. These fields were as large as 250 acres. They grew beans, squash, corn, melons, and watermelons. In the winter, after all the crops were in, they would leave the village and travel around the southern plains to hunt buffalo. While hunting buffalo they would live in tee-pees. Berlandier says some of their houses were 30 to 40 feet.

Another group of the Wacos or Huecos, lived in a village on the Guadalupe river northwest of modern New Braunfels. This spot is still called Hueco Springs and is a very beautiful place. To find out more about the Waco Indians click here to go to the Wichita page.

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