Lechuguilla Cord, page 2


 Every so often you can stop pounding and scrape with a dull edge to get rid of the pulp. I am using a dull stone scraper here. Many of the Indians would use a bone with dull edge on it.



 After pounding and scraping for a while you wind up with nothing but fibers. Here is the finished product.



 All the fibers in the bundle are attached to the sharp tip. This is a big needle and thread.



 You can take the bundle of fibers, twist them up into a cord and tie things with the cord like this.



 Or you can use a single strand to tie something up. I tied a strand around my pen.


 The Indians did more than use the cords to tie things with. They would braid and weave them to make things like sandles for their feet and small containers. The lechuguilla plant was a useful resource for Indians who lived in arid regions where it grows.


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