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Sept 2012 Lots of new info Thinking about a blog. Had to use adverting to pay for things.

Oct 2009 had a stroke and heart problems. No work from 2009 too 2012.


Nov 2 1997, Added Atakapan Indian page, big update on teacher page, list of best to worst tribes in terms of teaching.

Jan 20 1997, Major update on the Coahuiltecan cultures.

Jan. 27 1997, Added sources to Jumano, Coahuiltecan and Comanche pages.

Nov 20 1998, Finally got my puter fixed, got a new scanner, started begging. Updated a lot of stuff.

Nov 24 1998, The Black Seminole page is up!!!

Dec 25 1998 Meet some Native Texans Just what it says.

Dec 30 1998 Added a visitor counter. Lots of small changes.

Jan 01 1999 Major update of the Caddo page. Much improved, more info.

Jan 08 1999 Added a great new page on the Apaches by a new writer for Texas Indains, Martha Meacham!!

Jan 09 1999 Added a short activity page on making masks. Thanks to Leslie Long at Gattis Elementary in Round Rock!!!

Jan 10 1999 Added a short page on Mexicans and Central Americans cause they are Indains.

Jan 15 1999 Added Concho Indian page, Updated Jumano page with a letter from a living Jumano Indian. The Jumano are not extinct after all.

Jan 27, 99 Added the Cherokee page

March 17, 99 Updated the Caddo page with more pictures of Caddo kids and Caddo pottery.

March 17, 99 Corrected the "Your " on the Mexican page to "You are". Thank you to all those English teachers who e-mailed me. :-)

Oct 20, 99 Wickiup page

Dec 30, 99 The Map pages. Maps of where various tribes lived

Jan 10 2000 Major update of the Kiowa Page

Jan 2000 The Tigua page is up !!

Jan 20, major update on the Jumano page.

Jan 31, 00 The store is open. More maps on more pages.

Feb 2, 2000 Major update on the Teacher's Tips page with a new Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills section

Feb 12, 2000 Using Cochineal Bugs to make red dye

Feb 18, 2000 New Apache page, we have two of them now, Lots of new pictures and maps.

Feb 20, 2000 How to make fibers and cord from the lechuguilla plant.


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